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Impound Services

Tow Truck Company in Delta, BC
Impound Services. Delta, BC

Impound services are another way we help our clients at Delta Towing, Inc. There are times when a vehicle legally needs to be removed from a location and stored in a separate lot, this is referred to as an impound. 

Impounding a vehicle can be tricky, but we make sure that all parties involved are handled with care. Our team of professionals can handle this sticky situation for you. 

Our job is to help businesses, residential and government sectors handle difficult situations. It could be an illegally parked vehicle or an abandoned car. Delta Towing, Inc. is always ready to be of assistance.

We are authorized to perform public or private impound requests. What that means is that we can impound vehicles under the order of a law enforcement officer or by the owner of private property.

No matter which impounding service you need, Delta Towing, Inc. is at your service. 

Our dispatchers and drivers have the most up to date technology to ensure that we are where we need to be and on time. As soon as a call comes in to handle an impound, we log it into our system and contact the driver. In a short amount of time, our tow truck will be at the required location ready to lend a hand.

We will carefully and safely remove the vehicle in question and transport it to the impound lot of your choice. All the paperwork will be completed efficiently and correctly by our driver. As a client, you have put your trust in us and we will exceed your expectations.

Some reasons why we impound a vehicle are:

  • the vehicle is deserted by its owner.
  • the vehicle is parked in a prohibited place.
  • the vehicle is impeding traffic flow.
  • the vehicle is left after a DUI or DWI arrest.
  • the vehicle is involved in a bankruptcy relinquish.
  • the vehicle is deemed as junk with extensive body damage.

This is not an all-inclusive list as there are many circumstances that require an impound to take place. 

Emotions can run high during situations that involve the impoundment of a vehicle so it is best to hire professionals to help in your time of need. Dealing with the improperly parked vehicle on your own could lead to problems you don’t want as a business owner.

Delta Towing, Inc. has encountered situations where the car owner has returned to their illegally parked car during the towing process. Some city ordinances allow for the owner to pay the driver half of the standard towing fee. Drivers will accept all forms of payment except credit cards. Debit cards, checks, and cash are recognized ways to pay the fee.  

Others require the owner to meet the tow truck driver at the impoundment lot to retrieve their vehicle. It all depends on the rules and procedures of your city.

If you have any questions regarding the impoundment process, feel free to contact Delta Towing, Inc.’s office at any time. We will be glad to walk you through our procedures and policies.