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There is nothing worse than waiting outside in the weather elements, on the side of a busy highway, wishing that your tow truck driver would hurry up. 

 This will never be the case when you hire Delta Towing, Inc. We make it a point to get right out to your location without delay. Plus, it’s not fun arriving late to an angry customer. Rest assured that we will be out to you in a jiffy.

Being in the business for so many years has taught us to value the customer. We put ourselves in their shoes. Looking around at our competitors, we found that they are only out for themselves and the bottom dollar. That is not how Delta Towing, Inc. likes to run business.  

Our company runs just like a small business. We are family-owned and operated. We know our repeat customers by name, can other tow truck companies say that? We think not.

Along with treating our clients with the utmost respect, we make sure we are super safe in all situations. Most times when we are called out to a location, it’s not likely in the safest area.  People are calling from the side of a busy highway or at the scene of an accident. Our team members make sure that we follow all safety precautions, not only for us but for our customers too. 

Safe, respectable, quick, and reliable. These four words describe Delta Towing, Inc.’s business practices. We take great pride in being the best. Call us to see why we are different from our competitors. We can’t wait to help you out!